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About Us

Fatma Clinic Established
in Kuwait by Dr. Fatma Alawadi in 2007. A home that innovates new developmental skills for
children with Special Needs

With dedication, integrity & compassion Fatma Clinic provides:

Consultations / Assessments / Diagnosis for children with Special Needs / Therapy / Professional

Fatma Clinic is fully equipped with professional and specialized therapists supporting the health
and educational system.

Treatment and therapy plans are developed to help children in their developmental journey.
Children as young as months old are welcome at Fatma Clinic where we assist them with
developmental stimulation.

Children as young as 2 years of age are assigned according to functioning and needs with a
therapeutic and educational specialist. Our approach follows personalized structured programs.

Our aim is to stimulate children according to their struggles and weaknesses that interfere with
their development.
Positive achievements through mental and behavioural abilities help through learning, and
We target all types of skills, and behaviours and enable the developmental journey to nourish at
its best.

Our Mission is to obtain highest level of social interactive and developmental potential of the individuals with special needs through the collaboration of multidisciplinary team.

Our team is equipped with an advanced level of professionalism. Each specialized member works with full dedication to improve your child and help achieve their potential in all their skills to live happily and independently.


Our Mission is to obtain the highest level of developmental potential in the individuals with special needs.
This is through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team at Fatma
Clinic. Our team is equipped with an advanced level of professionalism that aims at overcoming developmental delays
& struggles in children.


Delivering better living potentials and standards to children & families through the best technologies & techniques
available today.

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