“Togerther we are building Promising futures for children with Special Needs”

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“ When you dare to dream you spread your wings and fly. You sprinkle people around you with magic, making them all sparkle and glow. When people daring to dream put their hands together, the magic grows. This was, is always will be my dream. When a child with Autism starts to speak, when a child with Down syndrome is rewarded with prizes, when a child with Developmental Delays and Learning Difficulties starts to read, You know it is worth it to dream.

Let’s dream together.

Let’s spread the magic.

Let’s change lives."



Our Mission is to obtain the highest level of developmental potential in the individuals with special needs.
This is through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team at Fatma
Clinic. Our team is equipped with an advanced level of professionalism that aims at overcoming developmental delays
& struggles in children.


Delivering better living potentials and standards to children & families through the best technologies & techniques
available today.


Your Journey With Fatma Clinic

Child intervention is based on medical diagnosis
credited assessments. screening and professional
A wide range of therapies are planned in relevance
to the childs’ needs to overcome any/all development
delays and struggles.



This department offers a wide range of Therapies & Treatments to enhance & stimulate related developmental skills. The treatment plans we structure are customized & personalized to each child’s needs. They include:

  • Speech & Language Therapy

  • Psycho-motor Therapy

  • Life Skills Sessions / Vocational Therapy

  • Cognitive Therapy 

  • Behavior Therapy

  • Learning support (English, Arabic math) according to the private and public schools Curriculum


We benefit children & families through highly recommended techniques enabled by our professionals. One - on - one & group therapeutic sessions are structured to stabilize, guide, and ground individuals. Re-gaining strength, self esteem, and clarity of the mind helps adults/children with positive decision making. Life skills, appreciation, and acceptance. Persons may come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to develop their potential. Students can benefit and will be able to make personal progress through out the therapeutic process.


  • Parents awareness

  • Family Psychological support which provides up close personal support for parents who are dealing with their child’s disability / delay.

  • Mindfulness sessions for parents and adults.


Appreciating the uniqueness of each child’s personality, we teach the child to discover new ways that develop new potentials. Our path uses the best tools / technologies / techniques found worldwide.

We stimulate the child’s overall skills resulting in personal progress, and performance progress.


Optimum results are only achieved with consistency and persistence from you and us!


Phone: +965 25641234

Address: Fatma Clinic Forth Ring Road Abdullah Al Fadhala Str. Kuwait

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