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  • Consultations & Screening

  • Assessments & Evaluations

  • Diagnosis & Reports

  • Early Intervention

  • Group Therapy

  • Personalized One - On - One Therapy




Early intervention


Consultations are carried out by the supervision of Dr. Fatma Al Awadi. A brief about the child and the parents are discussed. All concerns, struggles, worries & alerting aspects will be communicated in details. The child's age milestones, achievements and development pace are talked through.

Assessments & Evaluations

As a part of the Consultation extension, the child will be assessed and evaluated. 

Our assessment and evaluation department will carry out some testings in order to better understand the child's situation and developmental stage. 

Assessments include IQ testings, 

Early intervention is key to optimizing the childs' developmental journey. The earlier the child gets professional help and guidance the higher chance of minimizing the struggles and delays. 


The therapy journey of the child will be proposed considering where the development of the child is at and what the achievements we aim at are. Our therapy unit is a multi-disciplinary unit which is personalized to each individual. 


Diagnosis & Reports

Diagnosis of the child's condition will be achieved after assessments and evaluation of the childs developmental stage. Accordingly, a report is finalized which is credible for the child's educational journey. 

"Together,we are buildingpromising futuresfor childrenwithspecial needs."

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