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Red Flags

Watching Out For Red Flags May Be Challenging As Many Flags Are Found Amongst Many Children With No Delays Or Struggles. Seek Professional Guidance


- In Crawling

- In Speech

- In Hand Gestures

- In Facial Recognition

- Cognitive Learning


- Difficulty Sitting

- Non Stop Activity

- Easily Bored

- Difficulty in Task Completion

Sensory Sensitivity

- Sensitive to taste

- Sensitive to light

- Sensitive to scent

- Sensitive to touch & different materials

- Sensitive to sound

Motor Skills

- Inability in use Fine Motor Skills

- Inability to use Gross Motor Skills


- Lack of Eye Contact

- Lack of Social Engagement

- Difficulty making bonds

- Emotional Dysregulation

- Sleep Dysregulation

- Difficulty in Expressions

- Aggression

- Lack of Communication

- Repetitive Movements / Actions


- Lack of Attention

- Lack of Focus

- Memory Difficulties

- Delays in Learning

- Minimal Concentration

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